February 21, 2014
The Problem With Little White Girls (and Boys)

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February 5, 2014

Y’know when we moved here in ‘88 there were other South Asian (in 1988 we used to just call them all ‘brown’ or ‘Indian’) kids in school but when they asked me what we ate at home and I said “you know - curry, roti” and consistently they were like “what? huh? I don’t know what this ‘doti’ is? Are you sure it’s Indian food? Doesn’t sound like an Indian thing. say it again? again? rooti? roto?  rowti? do you mean chapati? puri? naan? it’s called naan. I don’t know what this roti thing is”

And so I figured maybe ‘roti’ was a specifically Trinidadian colloquial term or something; but now I see everyone talking about ‘roti’ all over the place in magazines and on TV and said by people here in Vancouver like it’s normal and now I’m just like…sigh.  What.  How.

It’s one of many lessons you learn growing up and realizing you’re not really like anyone.  Too oreo to be actually brown and too brown to dare trying to be white.  So I bonded with anyone who came from Hong Kong.  The British colonialism diaspora kinship. (what a thing to instinctively connect over)

March 29, 2012
"I am a woman of colour with a deep – almost unhealthy – love of popular culture. It is a love that is sorely tested in the face of such prejudice when I am told, loudly and with few qualms, that the stories of people who look like me just aren’t viable in a specific universe. It is often explicitly stated by my co-fans that I am not – ever – what they picture when they read these books or hear about these movies. The language may be coded: “She’s not how I imagined” or, in the case of interracial couple Sam and Mercedes on TV’s Glee, slightly more explicit: “They don’t look right together, like, they don’t … fit.” But the message is clear. We get to be supporting characters – the redshirts – or the villains. But heroes? Um, no. That would make things too … ethnic."

Bim Adewunmi, in a moving editorial for The Guardian (UK)

I’m trying to imagine how white supremacists would argue against this. ‘Make your own, then’? Oh right. Because the solution to having a top-heavy white network and movie execs, producers, writers, directors etc is to segregate media and the audience consuming it.

This is a really really good article.

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