March 29, 2012
"I am a woman of colour with a deep – almost unhealthy – love of popular culture. It is a love that is sorely tested in the face of such prejudice when I am told, loudly and with few qualms, that the stories of people who look like me just aren’t viable in a specific universe. It is often explicitly stated by my co-fans that I am not – ever – what they picture when they read these books or hear about these movies. The language may be coded: “She’s not how I imagined” or, in the case of interracial couple Sam and Mercedes on TV’s Glee, slightly more explicit: “They don’t look right together, like, they don’t … fit.” But the message is clear. We get to be supporting characters – the redshirts – or the villains. But heroes? Um, no. That would make things too … ethnic."

Bim Adewunmi, in a moving editorial for The Guardian (UK)

I’m trying to imagine how white supremacists would argue against this. ‘Make your own, then’? Oh right. Because the solution to having a top-heavy white network and movie execs, producers, writers, directors etc is to segregate media and the audience consuming it.

This is a really really good article.

(Source: Guardian, via powergirl)

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