April 12, 2012

lev-y replied to your post: Dude, Tom was a schmuck. That said, I think we’re so trained at this point to root for the protagonist of whatever media we’re indulging in (books, movies, whatever,) that it can be difficult for some people to accept that, yeah, no, that character deserved the crap that rained down on them. Combine that with the pretty that is JGL and I’m not surprised there’s a rabid fangirl audience who think Tom was wronged. Doesn’t make them right by any stretch, but their flawed logic can be understood.

yeah yeah I am no against mindless consumption of media but I am baffled at how people are ready to justify and defend something flawed for the sole reason that’s what tickles them right there right then

I feel you, dude. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that a lot of people feel like the only way they can enjoy something is if they believe it to be 100% perfect. Sure they can gripe about fannish things like plot or characterization, but it has to meet their ‘moral standards’ (ie completely deviod of sexism, racism, homophobia, ableism etc). As if shows and books were created by objective creatures who are all fair-minded, and not regular humans with their own sets of prejudices and biases.

So to critique it on that level, fans feel ashamed. They make a shameful connection. As if by liking the TV show Blah Blah - which treats its female chars like shit - means then that they are bad feminists. And they are not! Really! They’re not!

So they go into denial about it and pretend that Blah Blah is the greatest, and dismiss critiquers as being too sensitive/picky/downers/humorless/whiny/harshing the squee, etc.

It’s sad that many people think being a good fan of Blah Blah = turning a blind eye to its problems. I think being a good fan is about accepting that it can be problematic and acknowledging it. 

It’s not a bad thing to be like “Yeah, I like Blah Blah, but geez, the writers are shitty towards women chars. It sucks.  I do still love the show for its other elements, but I know it has its problems.”

Hey, I have to do that all the time, with the media I consume. No media is perfect.

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