May 16, 2014
my entertainment lag

tbh sometimes I prefer to wait until a show is in its 4th or later season - or a completed series - before starting to watch it from Season 1. Becoming heavily-invested in the analysis of episodic details - and the subsequent weekly fan backlash/speculation/reaction -  isn’t something I enjoy.  In fact sometimes fan-driven debates and speculations can make me tired and disinterested and then I just want to give up on the entire show.  I can tell I’m starting to feel that way with Arrow, especially wrt shipping opinions I see on tumblr and now all the connecting Flash talk.  I want to watch both the shows, but I think I’d rather wait until they’re a few seasons in and people no longer care (or they care less, or they’ve forgotten and moved on to something else).

Ah well.  I don’t really mind, I’ve never been the first to line up for movie premiers or video game release dates or book openings!  Even Harry Potter books I was like ‘eh, I’ll get them eventually, it’s not like they’ll sell out or anything.’  And they never did. And movies and tv shows will always be there for me to watch.  I can wait.  :D

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February 8, 2012
Arrow To Shoot In Vancouver – Possibly At Smallville’s Old Studio


GreenArrowTV has just gotten word that Arrow will indeed be shooting in Vancouver, British Columbia, with the current production dates listed as March 12-April 2. Needless to say, we’ll be getting more casting news before that time comes.

More interestingly, Arrow’s production offices appear to be housed at the same Burnaby location that served as “home” to Smallville for ten years.

Could they be set up at the same studio? It’s possible, though we don’t have confirmation or denial of that either way. Additionally, shooting a pilot in Vancouver does not necessarily imply that the show will stay there if it goes to series. It’s a safe bet that the show may stay up north, though, considering the variations of locale and scenery that one can find in British Columbia.


August 24, 2011


Something that gets lost in “Family Guy” and other adult animated comedies (especially the 15-minute long ones on Adult Swim) are stories with a lot of heart.

I don’t hear people off the Internet talk about “Futurama” much, but I caught a rerun of a “Jurassic Bark” and couldn’t bring myself to watch the ending again. So I shut the TV off and was just left trying to think the last time an animated anything, other than a Pixar movie, moved me like that.

It’s been a while. I still don’t have an answer. What I can say if you ever find yourself in need to cry “Up” style at an animated series, just watch “Jurassic Bark” and “The Luck of the Fryrish” episodes of “Futurama,” which will cause you to:

A) Sob hysterically for a cartoon dog.

B) Consider giving your sibling a call or make you wish you had a sibling. 

And yet if you sit there and try to figure out what it is exactly about the structure of the episode that tugs at those little heart strings it seems almost simplistic and mystical at the same time. There doesn’t have to be a grand dramatic moment just a slight misdirection and reveal. 

To me, “Futurama” is one of the most underrated shows of the early aughts and I’m glad it has comeback in some capacity. But these early run episodes will always be my favorites. 

'The Luck of the Fryish' makes me bawl like a baby and laugh out loud as well. That's what I love about Futurama. For lack of some profound eloquence: Futurama keeps it real. There are incredibly sobering and sad moments, but there are also moments that make you feel that things will be okay and of course moments of massive LOL. All in one 1/2 hour cartoon.  Futurama tapped into that multi-faceted aspect of life flawlessly.

That said, ‘Jurassic Bark’ does nothing for me. I’ve loved dogs since I was a child but I guess I don’t really get emotionally attached to animals? I KNOW TUMBLR, I HAVE NO SOUL.

However, if I hear the basuri flute (the holophoner in Futurama) in the episode ‘The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings’, I will drop everything and cry so hard. I have an almost painful love for the basuri flute in classical Indian music, it makes me think of my childhood when I thought ‘happily ever after’ was a real thing.

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